Accountancy and Financial Recruitment

Recruitment in the Finance Sector

A major category of supply and interest for Brellis has been the finance and accountancy sector. Zoe Ellis is our guru when it comes to financial recruitment, why not pick up the phone to her on 01926 830736 or reach her at [email protected] to discuss your finance talent requirements.

All the consultants at Brellis at some point in their careers have worked at filling accountant or financial positions, building many long-standing relationships with financial business leaders and firms of accountants to continuously supply their financial staffing needs. Finding staff and employees can be a difficult task to get right in any sector.

Finance is Central to Most Business

Zoe EllisFinance also sits as another core business function, often integral to any people-hiring decisions in terms of establishing budgets, forecasting and required returns.

Over the years Brellis has worked with multi-disciplines within the “Finance” bracket, from inhouse accounting teams to chartered financial practices, from CFO’s, Financial Directors to accounting team administrators and credit controllers, we are proud of all the personnel we have recruited.

Finance Roles Covered by Brellis

For Brellis, it isn’t the status of the role that gets our attention, it’s the client we are working with. We have always strived for trusted long term goal working partnerships and so the scale of the role is not a deciding factor for us. Some of our best clients started with the most entry level of skill requirements. That doesn’t mean to say bring on your booking for 50 credit controllers next week however, we aren’t focused on the big-ticket financial roles.

Personality Matters in Finance!

That old stereotype that all accountants are beige and drive Volvos (Volvos are actually quite trendy now) just doesn’t wash anymore. At the end of the day, you want your accountant to find the best methods to save your business money, make your business money or reduce your tax liabilities. If they aren’t a weekend raver that really doesn’t matter. It does matter that they fit the culture of your business as well as have the right skills, that’s what Brellis wants to focus on and we enjoy meeting accountants and any other financially skilled workers out there to find out!

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