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Your journey and experience when job hunting is vitally important to get right. We will be there with you every step of the way and provide counsel (everything is easier with someone in your corner), take feedback, negotiate and deliver results on your behalf. It is imperative that you as a candidate are thoroughly briefed and prepared for the interview process and we can guide you on interviews techniques that present you at your best.

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Finding the job that was tailor made for you can be a lengthy task, one that many people take their whole career to find and one that some people never complete. Why leave it to chance? At Brellis Recruitment we have been helping people find the job they have always wanted for decades. In fact, our collective experience is longer than most people’s whole careers.

Whatever your reasons for looking for a new position, we are here to help. The most common motivations can include:

– Better job satisfaction

– Hybrid or remote working

– More attractive pay structure

– Looking for more opportunities for advancement

– Wanting to relocate

– Just fancy a change

Whatever your reasons we will use our expertise to help you realise these expectations. Successful recruitment is not just about keeping employers happy, the candidate needs to be fulfilled too. So we won’t waste your time, nor your prospective employer’s by putting you forward for roles that will not meet your requirements or be a bad fit.


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Managing Difficult Scenarios

Difficult Scenarios

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Resigning From Your Current Role

Resigning From
Your Current Role


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Right Opportunity

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