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Rising Above the Rest: How Brellis Recruitment Became the Top Choice in Warwickshire

Rising Above the Rest: How Brellis Recruitment Became the Top Choice in Warwickshire

Our Journey:

In 2018, Zoe and I embarked on an ambitious venture to establish Brellis Recruitment. Our vision was clear: to provide a professional and friendly recruitment service to businesses within Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. Drawing from our experience in a mid-sized agency, we didn’t cut corners. We invested in top-notch recruitment software and committed heavily to job boards. Six years into our journey, I’m proud to say that Brellis is the number one independent agency for recruiting office positions in Southam, Leamington, Warwick and Stratford up on Avon.


Our achievements are not just about outperforming smaller agencies; we have also leapfrogged the national agencies with their vast marketing budgets. How? Well, that is down to several factors, not least of you, the wonderful clients and candidates that took the time to give us positive feedback and excellent reviews.

Our Edge Over Competitors:

Our edge lies in our understanding that we are a people business. Clearly, we have to make the numbers in order to actually have a business, but our philosophy is serving people, candidates and clients equally. It is a philosophy that our entire team adopt and as managers we ensure that our team maintain a desk that permits this top-level service. Zoe and I have spent years in the recruitment field, honing our skills to perfection. We’ve become adept at interviewing candidates, understanding their aspirations, and at the same time, comprehending (and at times challenging), what our clients seek in terms of experience and culture fit. With thousands of interviews under our belt, we are in a prime position to find the perfect candidate for any role.

Agility and Adaptability:

Being a small agency offers us unique advantages. We can swiftly adapt to the changing dynamics of the business world. Never was this felt more keenly than during the Covid lockdown days where our core business stopped abruptly, and all of our vacancies went on hold. We immediately pivoted and took our skills sets to a whole new sector supporting the NHS with additional cleaning staff and supporting our own staff and temporary workers through the furlough scheme until the world opened up again. Whatever the challenge Brellis will rise to it. Whether it involves investing more in a successful job board or altering contracts, we don’t need to ask for authorisation; we make decisions promptly and efficiently.

Our Philosophy:

At the core of our business philosophy is a commitment to actively listen and deeply understand our client’s needs, ensuring tailor-made solutions that not only meet expectations but exceed them.

As business owners ourselves, we understand the day-to-day challenges that come with managing staff, budgets and strategies. Our goal isn’t to conquer the world; instead, we aim to create a sustainable living for our family and reward our employees for their dedication and hard work, whilst utilising our skills to provide advice and seamless recruitment solutions.

Vision and Goals:

At Brellis, our vision extends beyond just being a recruitment agency. We have developed a business that not only thrives but also cares for its people – employees and clients alike. Our commitment to creating a family-friendly work environment is unwavering, as is our dedication to client satisfaction.

The Future:

Brellis Recruitment has become the agency of choice for office vacancies across Leamington and Warwick thanks to these qualities. We invite you to experience the Brellis difference, whether seeking your dream job or the perfect candidate for your business.