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We have been providing Recruitment Solutions to the Oxfordshire area for some time now, both as Brellis Recruitment Ltd and our individual expertise as professional recruiters as a whole. This experience spans over 40 years, many industry sectors and varying business customer requirements.

Our entire team can say that it has had the immense pleasure of working, frequenting and successfully placing many people into some fantastic businesses in and around the Oxford area throughout this period.

There are probably a few reasons for this!

Oxford has Unique Opportunities for Recruitment in Many Sectors

The presence of the world leading University of Oxford, stimulates the growth of many specialised industries that need help with recruitment in the area. Oxford is a major world competitor in the fields of:

– Medicine

This has a knock on effect on the surrounding areas and the quality of life for those that live and work there. Who would not want to be employed around an area that can boast sites such as Blenheim Palace, The Oxford National History Museum or the world-famous Dreaming Spires.

Nicole - Brellis Recruitment Oxford RepresentativeLet’s also highlight the landscape of the area including its access to the Cotswolds and locations such as Henley On Thames, let’s not forget Crocodiles of the World at Witney!

We have only mentioned a handful of the potential reasons there but in all, approximately 7,000,000 visitors per year are also attracted to the area generating over £780m of income for local businesses.

Oxfordshire Makes Business Sense!

Oxford is renowned for its “knowledge-driven” business powerhouses, this is reflected in statistics with a whopping 73% of total employment in that line of work, sounds impressive right?! This is backed up in educational statistics where 60.2% of Oxford’s residents achieve qualifications to NVQ level 4 and above. When compared with the rest of England (36%) you can see the average is much, much higher.
It is home to over 4730 businesses and this equates to around 118k roles.
A recent census suggested of 88,000 people who held a role in Oxford 46,000 of them lived outside the city meaning it has attractive travel routes to accommodate commuters. 

What Businesses do we Introduce Candidates to?

Aside from our undoubted love for the area and all it brings! We have a diverse range of clients, clients whom we have strong relationships with, trusted working partnerships with and prosperous options for our candidates that we feel confident to share and that we are proud to represent and make a reality for someone.
Examples of our existing client relationships in the area would show a wide range of customer sectors being serviced by us from Technology to Tourism, Hospitality to Entertainment, Finance to Legal, Pharmaceutical, BioTech and more.

We’re able to do this because of a combination of things. Our experience as professional recruiters, our desire to get to know our clients and ability to buddy with them and their candidates to ensure a safe onboarding and our passion to put people and roles together. We are not happy unless we get it right and complete the assignment.
We are happy to be judged by both our clients and candidates and through such platforms as Google Reviews and Trustpilot you can see for yourself what people say. We are a dedicated, professional and friendly practice that brings customers and candidates together, makes the employment journey as smooth as possible for all involved and strive for long term relationships that we know adds value to our business model.
Sectors in Which we Recruit Candidates in Oxford

– Biotech
– Consulting
– Life Sciences
– PR
– Accountancy
– Business Consultancy
– Educational
– Entertainment
– Travel
– IT Sales
– Logistics
– Manufacturing
– Marketing
– Pharmaceuticals
– Mergers and Acquisitions

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