Recruitment in the Technology and Automotive Industries

Recruitment in Tech and Auto Sectors

We’ve taken the two sectors of Automotive and Technology recruitment to look at together because they have similarities in terms of production process. Assembly lines are common in both industries and although the finished products may be vastly different sizes, they share certain parallels. You might be adding a component with a tiny pair of tweezers or a hydraulic wrench but any production line needs managing and supplying so the company can avoid any unscheduled downtime or mistakes that can cause problems down the line.

Zoe EllisThrough a combination of our experience and careful outreach and research, we strive to find the ideal candidate for an employer looking to fill an important role. Since all roles are important, we apply the same inscrutable methodology to every single position that we fill. Whether it’s procurement, management, support or those on the production line, every cog is vital so it receives our full dedication.

Filling Tech and Auto Positions

Of course, not every job in the technology sector is involved in manufacturing, there are many people working in diverse areas of the tech field. There has been a growing tech job candidate shortage for several years if not longer. When there is a skills shortfall, market forces step in and the worker becomes more and more in demand, driving salaries up above inflation. This is exceptional news for the potential employee and while it’s not so good for the employer, it helps keep the standards high.

The UK was once the second largest car manufacturer in the world after the US but that was back in the 1950s. Nowadays we tend to specialise in luxury and sports models with a handful of foreign manufacturers with plants in the UK like BMW at Cowley in Oxfordshire. The area we cover is the most concentrated with automotive production and support companies in the country. Aston Martin, JLR, Prodrive and many others have a presence in the Midlands and Cotswolds areas so we are well placed to serve both the applicant and the employer.

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