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Rising Above the Rest: How Brellis Recruitment Became the Top Choice in Warwickshire

Our Journey: In 2018, Zoe and I embarked on an ambitious venture to establish Brellis Recruitment. Our vision was clear: to provide a professional and friendly recruitment service to businesses within Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. Drawing from our experience in a mid-sized agency, we didn’t cut corners. We invested in top-notch recruitment software and committed heavily […]

Brellis Recruitment: Adapting to a Changing Market

The recruitment landscape is in constant flux, but recent times have presented a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. For us at Brellis Recruitment, serving the Warwickshire and Oxfordshire regions and focusing mainly on Office, Management, and some Engineering positions, we have witnessed several key trends. 1. Increase in Applicants; Currently we are actively working on 30-40 job […]

Brellis Move into Oxfordshire

Having personally worked within the recruitment sector in Oxfordshire for the past 18 years, it really is a uniquely challenging marketplace. Oxfordshire’s economic landscape is a vibrant one, characterized by industries ranging from academic and healthcare to technology and manufacturing. The region boasts renowned educational institutions like the University of Oxford, major healthcare facilities, and […]

Hiring Remote Workers

Working remotely is old news now. The pandemic gave us all a crash course and what was supposed to be a temporary solution has created a dramatic shift in the world of work. Both employers and employees have lived the experience, seen the pros and the cons. Processes, systems and procedures have adapted accordingly. But […]

Recruitment Headache

The United Kingdom is in a situation it has never experienced before; demand for employees has outstripped the figures for the number of people looking for work. So there are more job vacancies than unemployed people in the UK for the first time since records began which is great news for job seekers and career […]

Keep Vacancy Descriptions Accurate

Employers – Ensuring your job vacancy requirements are accurate for a recruitment campaign – A guide on measures to achieve this including, surveying employees currently doing similar roles, assessing competition for equivalent positions and interviewing peers to understand their view of the function. At times, role profiles (also known as job descriptions) become out of […]

Legal Recruitment

Talk to a Specialist Legal recruitment is a specialised area that we at Brellis have many years of experience in. We understand the legal profession has many areas that differ from other sectors and have honed the skills that we bring to the table accordingly. We will aggregate all these skills and use them to […]

Tips for Using Linked In

Linkedin personal profile pages are fast becoming a great way to locate yourself a new role, discover new opportunity paths for your career, appear on search consultants radar or be directly located by employers who choose to recruit directly.   At Brellis we recruit and identify people through a lot of different methods, you will probably […]