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Tips for Using Linked In

Tips for Using Linked In

Linkedin personal profile pages are fast becoming a great way to locate yourself a new role, discover new opportunity paths for your career, appear on search consultants radar or be directly located by employers who choose to recruit directly.  

At Brellis we recruit and identify people through a lot of different methods, you will probably have seen one of our many adverts on leading job boards or perhaps you have found our website and applied to one of our live vacancies or registered your details with us. We also recognise Linkedin as a great place to locate your details and so we have provided some handy hints to help your profile work for you.

Firstly, you may, unfortunately, be a casualty of the economic effects of covid, if so please use the Green “Open To Work” banner. Whatever your reason to be considering your next career move, please use the banner, it means you are quickly identifiable against the masses. Next we think that you should give some thought to your headline and initial summary section. This should include useful information relevant to your career path and include keywords that are relevant to you. Keywords are really important as the search facility on Linkedin uses these for identification purposes in search results.

Linkedin LogoLet’s now look at your contact details, ensure they are all current. You do not want to miss that call because the mobile number is no longer in use or your email account has changed. We then feel that showcasing your skills and achievements should be considered. In the Experience section you can shout about your accolades, mention those proud moments and if you are lucky enough to be recognised for something, say something about it.  

You may well have worked with some great management or leadership and they may well be happy to put this in writing, we suggest asking for a recommendation by using the tool Linkedin provides. It is a quick and simple process and can add value. Endorsements of your skills can also be a reflective way to show that others recognise you for the skills and keywords mentioned in your profile. Perhaps endorse a few colleagues for their appropriate skills and they can reciprocate. There are many groups, collectives, industry bodies and similar organisations that may well offer you valuable insight or exposure to other relevant connections, perhaps explore some of these, join in and follow them.

These are just some changes that you can make, there are plenty more but with these few pointers, you can really help make your profile work for you!