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Covid 19 and Recruitment

Covid 19 and Recruitment

It’s in Everyone’s Interest to Sort This Out as Soon as Possible so Let’s Pull Together.

One of the positives of the fight with Covid19 is the heart-warming widespread collaboration occurring globally. From pharmaceutical giants working together to create a vaccine to automotive competitors working together with scientists to create much needed medical equipment.

At Brellis Recruitment we wanted to do our bit too so this weekend we donated one of our laptops and two monitors to the N.H.S. to help support frontline N.H.S workers. Technology has been integral to our lives for years and never more so than during these current times connecting both people and data.

There is huge pressure on frontline healthcare staff and key workers in general so we believe that helping out wherever you can is an obligation that as many people as possible should help out with. Whether it is donating financially or giving items or giving your time. If we all pull together, this can all be over sooner.

In a bid to live up to our motto “Be Your Best” both Zoe and Nicole are proud to be part of the GoodSAM team too. As the reality of the lockdown continues to unfold our thoughts are with all our amazing candidates, clients and their families whilst we will continue to support you wherever possible during these turbulent times.

We remain committed to keeping things running as smoothly and safely as possible.

Like everyone we are following recommendations, adapting where necessary and remain happy to meet (remotely for now) new lovely candidates looking for their next role. If you would like to arrange a video interview please contact Matthew or Zoe or send your C.V. to [email protected]