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Charity Events

Charity Events

We like to try to do our bit at Brellis Recruitment and charity events are a great way of having fun, bonding with your co-workers and getting a bit of exercise at the same time. Here are just a couple of events we have participated in or organised recently, if you want advice on how to organise your own, relevant links are included below. If you want to be involved as a sponsor or even a participant in our future events, please get in touch.

2020 has been a tough year in many ways and our charity events have had to take a back seat due to lockdown and social distancing but things look a lot rosier now so we can look forward to some activities soon.

The Wolf Run 

The Brellis mantra is “Be your Best”. The Wolf Run symbolises this with a unique combination of off-road running: mud runs, trail runs and obstacles. Voted the best obstacle course run in the UK, it’s a hardcore 10k run across raw natural terrain, including open ground, woodland, lakes & thick mud.

Running in a pack they tackled a series of tough obstacles – both man-made and natural – designed to test their mental & physical strength, skill and stamina. They ran, climbed, jumped, waded, crawled and swam through a course designed to challenge them on every level.

“Zoe and Matt. Did someone say it was spring!”

They completed the course in just over the 2 hour mark along with their pack, David, Shaun and Dan and look forward to beating that time in a second helping in September.

“Left to right Dan, David, Matt, Zoe and Shaun”

Paintballing Day

Brellis recruitment co-owners Matthew Breakwell and Zoe Ellis were proud to have taken part in a charity paintball day this weekend.

Organised by Fraser Jacks for the 4th year running the superb event helped raise money and awareness for:

Liver Cancer – in memory of Tracy Susan

Breast Cancer (Terrible Tittys Group)

Teenage Cancer Trust – in memory of Stephen Sutton.

Raising over £2600 the day was enjoyed by over 40 people in attendance.