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Legal Recruitment

Legal Recruitment

Legal recruitment is a specialised area that we at Brellis have many years of experience in. We understand the legal profession has many areas that differ from other sectors and have honed the skills that we bring to the table accordingly. We will aggregate all these skills and use them to your advantage in your search for an ideal candidate. It is a given that law firms need the most rigorous screening of potential employees to ensure that any new members of your team are everything you hoped they would be.

The areas of Legal recruitment we can assist in are vast, from Company Secretaries, Conveyancers and Document Reviewers to Legal PA’s, Litigators and Paralegals. That’s what makes the Legal sector so interesting for us, no two hires seem to be for the same requirements as legal climates change due to legislative, financial, political and current affairs influencing markets and behaviours requiring legal representation or assistance.

We also note that the art of hiring staff within the Legal sector is also taking a different path, the effects of Covid has seen many offices with skeletal staff and the need to embrace tech to ensure business models continue. This means the appetite for tech savvy candidates has increased amongst the sector. 

Rightly or wrongly the Legal sector has often been considered slow to pick up the pace when it comes to embracing technology advancements instead sticking to typewriters, ring binders and fax machines. Remote working has most probably fueled this and the desire for candidates embracing tech knowledge and an understanding of using it has certainly taken a rise in terms of candidate requirements amongst our legal customers.