Recruitment of Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants

Recruitment of PA’s and EA’s

Are a client need we often see, particularly in certain industry sectors, legal services would be a good example.  

Sure shorthand typing isn’t needed as much or knowing how to use a dictation machine is an art that’s fast diminishing but the role of the Executive or Personal Assistants has remained as professional as ever and has advanced in line with modern times and in terms of the support expectation it provides. 

With the age of digital diaries and access to such scheduling platforms via personal devices,  the gatekeeper mantel is perhaps a little dated, mobile phones now reach intended targets rather than desk phones and with the additions of the likes of Linkedin, other avenues to interface with intended targets has increased beyond the guard of the traditional secretary or EA or PA.

Where this field of professional support has moved on has seen areas such as events planning, project management, handling of social media channels or perhaps even some facilities management and maintenance coordination, the role requirements have certainly widened in terms of more multi-disciplined role responsibilities and expectations.

Assist Several Roles

In other situations we see EA/PA support going beyond more than one senior leader and perhaps a shared path of support is taken, where 2 possibly 3 leaders are supported.

Nicole - Brellis RecruitmentVirtual support is also a thing now, the need to have everyone at the same location isn’t always a requirement and many roles can successfully operate using technologies and often leading to perhaps not just the support of different leaders, in some cases different businesses altogether.

The EA/PA environment has certainly not lost any of its importance if it is a needed function. It has certainly been eroded into with the advancements of technologies and perhaps this has reduced the volumes of opportunities there. 

However, with the additions to the stereotypical PA/EA duties such as project management and events planning, we have seen expanding skillsets being considered or applying to this demanding role. Just imagine, you have project management qualification but you do not fancy that as a full-time role, an EA role with project management expectations could be your answer, this type of situation we are seeing more and more.

Changes in the PA/EA Job Description

We also note that the working hours expectations of these roles has changed, often EA/PA worked beyond the hours of the person or persons they were often supporting but with modern tech and the changes to working environments it is not always the case, instead flexi time or reduced hours opportunities are there providing alternatives to the 9-5 world.

More men take on these challenges now, no bad thing and with the increase in female senior leaders being expected as the female working population increases and becomes even more successful and influential, we certainly expect male EA/PA’s to be on the increase.

If you require skills of this nature, please consider Brellis to support you, we understand the value of this very important role and have experienced delivering the skills.

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