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Brellis Move into Oxfordshire

Brellis Move into Oxfordshire

Having personally worked within the recruitment sector in Oxfordshire for the past 18 years, it really is a uniquely challenging marketplace.

Oxfordshire’s economic landscape is a vibrant one, characterized by industries ranging from academic and healthcare to technology and manufacturing. The region boasts renowned educational institutions like the University of Oxford, major healthcare facilities, and an increasingly innovative tech hub that provide a robust pool of high-quality talent. The presence of very low unemployment in the region suggests a thriving local economy with job opportunities across various sectors.

Despite the overall positive picture, the low unemployment rate in Oxfordshire does present its own challenges. From a recruitment perspective, a tighter labour market means there is increased competition
for talent. Candidates are more likely to have multiple job offers, giving them leverage during salary and benefits negotiations.

However, here at Brellis Recruitment, we can rise to these challenges. Brellis understand the local market dynamics and can use our extensive network of contacts to find the right people for our clients’
needs. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients can attract and retain the best talent available.

Industry-wise, Brellis are noticing a few key trends that might affect recruitment in Oxford (and elsewhere).

Technology Sector Growth: Oxfordshire has seen a significant influx of tech companies in recent years, including start-ups and established firms. As such, there’s been a high demand for professionals with skills in areas such as AI, cyber security, and data science. This demand for tech talent is only likely to grow in the foreseeable future.

Brexit Effects: The full effects of Brexit on the workforce are still being felt. Issues such as visa regulations and freedom of movement could influence the availability and mobility of both skilled and unskilled workers. Many workers returned to their home countries to seek work there and return to family homes.

COVID-19 Aftermath: The pandemic has reshaped the workplace, leading to increased demand for flexible working options. Employers will need to accommodate these changes and expectations to attract and retain the best talent.

Greener Industries: As part of the global push towards sustainability, there is an increased interest in “green” jobs related to renewable energy, electric vehicles, and environmentally friendly practices. These sectors are likely to see significant growth in the future.

In conclusion, while the recruitment landscape in Oxford is marked by the low unemployment rate, there is still a great opportunity for Brellis Recruitment to supply excellent temporary and permanent
solutions to our clients, thanks to our understanding of the region, the industries, and the unique challenges and opportunities each presents.