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Over the years Brellis Recruitment has supplied numerous businesses with HR skilled colleagues and professionals building a reliable name for itself in the recruitment industry for supplying into this niche. From entry-level HR opportunities to HR Director appointments, Brellis has your back when your company is seeking people to manage your human resources at any level.

HR is the act, or some would say art, of managing the members of staff within any business from start to finish. No matter who has the final say on who gets hired or fired, a member of the HR department will manage the period of employment between the two. These people are the interface between the company as an entity and its employees. All companies with employees have someone who fulfills this role whether it’s just the boss in the case of small organisations or whole departments as we look higher up the scale.

HR and Personnel Recruitment Services

With HR departments often having great influence on future people appointments and requirements for any business, we felt that we wanted to focus on supply to this area, with the aim to cement strong relations with our customers in core departments integral to a businesses functionality.

HR is also an exciting area to supply into, it’s a constantly evolving space with constant industry developments, just take a look at the website of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) website to see how much changes in terms of current trends, analysis, behaviour and developments, it never stands still.

It also covers such a wide spectrum, gone are the days where HR is considered administration for the people or there to diffuse conflict within a business. Instead it can embrace many other areas:-

– Talent Planning Management
– Recruitment
– Learning & development
– Compensation & Benefits
– Wellbeing
– Health & Safety and more,

The Role of HR During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Human Resources has probably become one of the most sought-after skills areas that a business requires to cope with the effects of Covid. What do we mean by this you ask.

Zoe Ellis

The inevitable financial hardships that many businesses faced as a result of the likes of limited trading laws, social distancing, forced closures for non essential services unfortunately resulted in many jobs lost and redundancies made. As companies were forced to redesign their people structures and adapt to changing markets HR was called upon to help navigate extremely difficult times.

Where some businesses suffered, others prospered, again HR playing an influential part in managing spikes of hiring activities or devising revised organisational structures to keep pace with increased demand or changes in customer behaviours. An example might be the huge spike seen in delivery services to people’s homes.

“Online retail sales in the UK is estimated to reach just below 100 billion British pounds in 2020. In the previous year, around 19 percent of retail sales was attributed to online in the UK.” Ref

So when it comes to HR, Human Resources, People Management or, whatever you want to call it, we know a thing or two and can help you identify the right HR skills for your team.

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