Vacancies Fulfilled in Sales Positions

Sales Vacancies are Assignments Regularly Taken on by Brellis.

Sales Consultants, Field Sales, Business Development Managers, Internal Sales, Technical Sales, Sales Support, Sales Coordinators the list goes on and the interesting thing with sales vacancies, so many job titles can look the same and yet the specification, expectation and remuneration of the jobs can be as different as chalk is to cheese. Unless there is a chalky cheese out there? We will have to google it.

Sales roles are so often not just about the product or service but the motivations and personality of the business behind the product. People in sales positions often have to sync with the commodity, product or service on offer and believe in it to do well with customers.

Remuneration for Sales Vacancies

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Of course, they have to be rewarded well too, this is often a key motivator for any sales person and reward packages on offer have to be achievable, realistic and ideally progressive in terms of development.

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In terms of development, the chain of progress can be interesting too, Supervising, Leading or Managing other sales staff, can be an interesting sales path and beyond into Sales Director situations. Not selling yourself and coordinating others isn’t for everyone, especially where the sales rewards are maybe not as great as being the actual selling consultant and especially in an uncapped sales environment. It isn’t uncommon for some sales roles to earn more than their seniors. Of course, this is not always the case.

Development of Sales Roles

Sales has also had to adapt to much change, sales can be outsourced to 3rd parties, it can be provided by more than one channel i.e. field based or telesales. There can be cross-selling, up-selling and other connotations and sales environments to convert your customers whether that be B2B or B2C.

As recruitment consultants we often relate to sales well, we are quite often selling candidates concepts of new employment or to businesses selling our candidates capabilities. Recruitment is an area that shares many similarities with sales role environments and building strong client/customer relations is something we understand all too well.

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