Customer Support Recruitment

Recruitment in Internal Sales and Customer Support

Contact Brellis Recruitment today and we’ll use all our expertise to supply you with all your staffing requirements in internal sales, customer support and similar roles. 

Customer Support roles are the lifeblood of most businesses. Often linking a Businesses service or product to its paying audience and ensuring each business or private client that they interface with has a positive and productive experience.

Support administration, sales support, sales order processing, technical support, internal sales coordinators, whatever the support function is called, it will play a vital role in your customer experience and for that reason we at Brellis, love supplying people for these vacancies. 

Other similar roles we can find you the right candidate include:

– Service/Sales order Processing SOP
– Inside Sales
– Internal Sales
– Account Handlers
– Account Managers
– Customer Service Executives
– Sales Coordinators
– Sales Administrators

The sectors or industries these support roles fit into are vast too, making them extremely interesting hires for Brellis to work with. We have many years of experience working with these vacancies, some examples of industry sectors we have worked in would show Manufacturing, Production, Sales and Service, Retail, Distribution, Medical, Travel, Technology and more.

Customer Support Roles for Brellis are just as important as the Sales Force of a business, without them the client experience can often fall over or certainly suffer, often these roles establish key client relationships or internal relations with other departments meaning that great collaboration and a joined up service is provided and felt by the customer buying your products or receiving your services.  

With advancements in technology these roles are fast becoming more interfacing too, with chatbots and live chat, online quotes and/or advice being offered by the click of a button. These roles are no longer considered mundane or without career options either. The ability to become experts in your field, perhaps improve and drive UX (User Experience), utilise data to enhance understanding of customer needs and response, all huge areas of exciting developments that make customer support roles an attractive career path.

So whatever your business needs are around customer support functions, think of Brellis to provide your people solutions, with years of experience and passion for such areas we are the right recruitment partner for you.

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