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Nicole - Brellis RecruitmentThe scientific and medical sectors are very large and varied, the NHS alone is one of the largest employers in the world. Of course, not all of those can be considered medical staff but it’s an indication of the scale of the industry. It is also one of the most highly skilled sectors with most employees being educated to graduate level and beyond. As such, recruitment of these skilled workers is a skilled discipline in itself. Brellis Recruitment has many years of experience of placing ideal people in their ideal positions in both medical and scientific workplaces.

Roles in both the medical and scientific areas have similarities and there is a large amount of crossover between the two but frontline medical staff tend to be well spread out in terms of geographical location with hospitals and medical facilities in most locations. Whereas scientific jobs tend to center around academic institutions. For example, Oxfordshire attracts science-orientated companies due to the proximity of Oxford University.

Medical Recruitment

Large medical institutions like hospitals tend to have well-established recruitment departments of their own and the career path is generally well established. However since the sector is so large and varied, we tend to be approached by employers and candidates with specific requirements or skills. These can be many and varied but some examples include;

– Dental
– Radiology
– Support Staff
– Dietician
– Occupational Therapist

Scientific Recruitment

This sector includes a wide variety of industrial, research, pharmaceutical and medical related activities. Experts in this arena command good remuneration packages and the United Kingdom enjoys a high global standing in producing, attracting and keeping talent of many scientific disciplines. There are too many roles to list but some examples include;

– Laboratory Technician
– Petrochemicals
– Industrial Chemist
– Engineering Support
– Water Treatment

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