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Celebrating a Record-Breaking April at Brellis Recruitment!

Celebrating a Record-Breaking April at Brellis Recruitment!

We’re thrilled to announce that April 2024 has set a new benchmark for Brellis Recruitment, marking it as our most successful April since our founding in 2018. This achievement is especially significant given that April is traditionally one of the more challenging months in recruitment due to fewer working days and a general slowdown in hiring.

Despite these challenges, Brellis made three times as many placements this April compared to the same period last year, showing a robust 20% increase over our previous record in April 2022. This growth is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.

Why was this month so outstanding?

Strong Permanent Recruitment: Throughout 2023, our permanent recruitment sector has seen tremendous growth. We’ve welcomed new clients each month, and our standing in the Warwickshire and Oxfordshire markets has skyrocketed.
Team Expansion and Performance: With the addition of Hannah 18 months ago, our team has only grown stronger. This month, Nicole Strange, Zoe and Hannah made significant placements, contributing to our collective success.
Efficiency in High-Level Placements: We placed two senior positions in under three weeks from taking the briefs, demonstrating our speed and efficiency in fulfilling high-level roles.
Technological Advancements and Market Presence: Our investment in market-leading technology, job boards, and SEO has positioned Brellis as the premier agency for office hiring in our target markets.

We’re not just celebrating these achievements; we’re setting the stage for even greater success. A huge thank you to all our clients for your continued trust and loyalty to the Brellis brand. We look forward to sustaining excellence and delivering first-class services.

Here’s to many more record-breaking months ahead!